Reiki for soothing your energies

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We are all energetic beings.

We are all energetic beings.

Reiki is a system of energetic practices. It is said to have originated with Usui. Usui handed down knowledge he received from a fasting and meditation trip on a mountain. This prosess of “handing down” is called an attunement. Reiki has since come to encompass many styles and ideals including Usui and Khundalini Reiki, Karuna Ki, and more. Lori the Herbchick is attuned to six types of Reiki at the moment.

Reiki sessions can be scheduled at your location or hers, and via distance. Once a session is paid, Lori will contact you to schedule the time, etc.


We are all energetic beings.

We are all energetic beings.

1 review for Reiki for soothing your energies

  1. Rated 5 out of 5


    I have been medically diagnosed with fibromyalgia. I read reiki would be of benefit. I had Lori come to my house for a session. She was very professional, brought her own table for me to lie upon; pillows; sheets; etc. The session was about 45 minutes, but it felt like the entire afternoon. I think I may have even fell asleep. I was just so relaxed! Definitely worth the time and the money!

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