A person randomly messaged me recently and asked me, “…and what do your herbs cure?” WOW! That’s a loaded question! You see, in the U.S., the word “cure” is a no-no for those who not medical doctors. Even medical doctors are somewhat reluctant to use the word when it comes to certain situations. Given that I did not know with whom I was chatting, I answered with the long version. I informed the prospective customer that I do not practice medicine (which I don’t); that using the words “cure, treat, diagnose” and a few others may be misconstrued as the practice of medicine in the United States and therefore I do not use them…EVER! I went on to explain how herbs, supplements, etc feed the body various nutrients and phytochemicals it could be lacking. Through this “nourishment” the body may be able to restore its own balance and achieve homeostasis. I further went on to explain how I use an assortment of traditional assessment techniques to form an idea of where each of my client’s stand and offer up advice in a “what I would do if I were you,” kind of way to my clients. It is completely the choice of each individual if they would like to try it out or not and I ALWAYS advise he/she to double check everything with a pharmacist if on medications and to be sure to share their products with their medical practitioners.


This is all very true. For those who would like to learn more about natural health modalities throughout the world, I encourage you to look up research at www.pubmed.gov. This website is sponsored by the United States’ Federal Government’s office on NCAM. I AM allowed to point to various studies and cite them as examples of the successful use of a natural remedy. For those in Ohio, please look into supporting the Ohio Sunshine Freedom Coalition (http://www.ohiohealthfreedom.info/). This organization is working hard to enact protection laws in the state of Ohio that would allow consultants, such as myself, to practice without fear with informed consent from the client.

Be strong out there, people….do not allow your rights to be lost! Be informed!


About ten years ago, I was dancing with another group and had traveled to a workshop taught by the fabulous Caroleena Nericcio. I was humbled by this experience beyond measure! Here I was, at the ripe ole age of 32, thinking I had this “belly dancin’ thang” down. This event took me outside my comfort zone and showed me exactly this: I.KNEW.NOTHING.

While that event woke me up to the plethora of knowledge I most certainly did NOT have, it also lit a fire under my bum and made me want to learn everything I could about Raqs. Every style, every region of origin, the languages, customs…everything I could get my hands on.

It also made me realize I would need more instructors – a wide variety of them to bring me the knowledge I was lacking. My “dance mom” and “dance fairy godmother” were awesome and forever hold special spots in my heart, but I was ravenous for more! With two boys at home, dropping my life and traveling to Egypt, Turkey or Lebanon, et al. was not an option, unfortunately (those locations are most certainly still on my bucket list). My gears were left turning, and I asked my other fellow dance troupe members, “what’s stopping us from having a workshop and show like we just took part in?”


Hence, Beledi Extravaganza was born! We busted our butts on that event. And it paid off in experience and learning techniques.

As time goes on and people go their ways, I found myself in a new group. I wanted to show my ladies everything I knew and expose them to everything I didn’t know, too. Voila! Gypsy Mystique came from the toils and triumphs of the Troupe Zephyr birthing process.

There have been tears. There have been babies born through the tasks. There have cancellations…blow ups…drama…love…and of course, dance. Lots and lots of dance. Sometimes we wonder the hell we were thinking. We have learned to be inventive, pioneering, socially active self-promoters, financiers, johnny on the spot maintenance people who can roll with the punches and take the good with the bad in order to share our love of RAQS!


Now, we are coming up on it’s SEVENTH YEAR! SEVEN YEARS!!! That is a long time in show biz…especially small potatoes, mid-western, rust belt location show biz. Each and every year we have different instructors and learn new techniques. At the age i am now (do the math…I’m not telling), I find myself constantly evolving. Isn’t that what it is all about? Learning and growing as a person and a dancer?

Please, join us this year. We’re going to have a good time and we would love to share with all of you!

You know the person: “So-n-so Bitchypants” who just can’t stop being the voice of negativity in the world. this person has spread the seed of vile anger across the countryside and cannot, no matter the effort, get over the negative vibe he (or she) seems to be enveloped within! UGH! How can someone have so much doom and gloom and negative emotions in one’s life? Right?


Well…I did a video about dealing with all of those negative emotions, naturally. Please enjoy 🙂