About the Herbchick

About the Herbchick

Who knew that way back, at the age of 17 my interest in natural health would become a lifelong pursuit? However, after a string of non-stop health crap made me a “frequent flyer” at our local doctor and hospital, my mother and my family doc decided it was time to figure out what could be done without the heavy medications. It became one of the biggest turning points of my life!

So this is where I could list out a huge list of classes I’ve taken. Classes on topics like iridology, reflexology, Touch for Health kineseology, tongue and pulse analysis, facial analysis and more are on that list. Or maybe I could list off the people I’ve studied from, like Steven Horne, Jay Van Den Heuvel, Solomon Wicke, Rebecca Vagades, Betty Shappie, Jennifer Cheeseman, and so many more. I could even try to wow you with my bachelor degree in biology and psychology from The Ohio State University. However, all of that is just background stuff. What matters is my commitment to you, my readers and customers. I present you with quality information and research from more than 25 years of research and learning. I aim to help anyone who asks. If I can’t, I attempt to point you in a direction that can be helpful.

Am I going to try to sell you stuff? Well…yeah. Duh! This is how I make a living. But I’m not going to blow smoke up your ass to do it. And if you don’t want to buy any stuff from me, but feel it would be a good idea to help support this website and blog; and would like me to continue in my pursuit of killer alternative info, CONTRIBUTE TO MY PATREON ACCOUNT. Patreon is a great way to support the movers and the shakers out there.

I hope you are not only entertained by my writings, but perhaps enlightened. Or maybe intrigued? At least if you’re amused you’ll find time to stop back frequently to see what’s new, right? So, bookmark my site. Even better, subscribe.


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