Ajna: the brow chakra

The energy center located between the eyebrows is Ajna. It is thought this sixth chakra is concerned with an individual’s perception, reality, intuition, and ability to manifest. In short, this center has to do with a person’s ability to see, both inner sight (insight) and outer sight.

The pineal and pituitary glands have both been associated with ajna.

The Pineal

The pineal is about the size of a Lima bean or so and sits right behead the skull at this brow location. It was misunderstood for a very long time and research in recent years is just beginning to scratch the surface of its function. We do know it produces melatonin and is very receptive to light. This is one reason experts suggest avoiding blue light emitting screens, etc at bed time.

The pineal is thought by some to be the true third eye.  Some believe the nuerotransmitters made by the pineal gland are the key to transcending the physical plane. We do know the nuerotransmitters it produces seem to be helpful in the management of pain. Unfortunately,  certain minerals and compounds, like flouride, can cause the pineal to harden and diminish in function.

The Pituitary

The pituitary gland is considered to be the “master gland.” It sits about center of the brain and us approximately the size of a large pea. It produces hormones which trigger the release of other hormones from other glands – almost acting as the conductor of an orchestra. From alternative practitioner’s perspective I can say both glands associated with ajna seem to be highly reactive to various alternatives including herbals and essential oils. 

Essential oils for the third eye chakra

Sandalwood essential oil is considered beneficial for the sixth chakra, as well as frankincense essential oil. Isn’t it wonderful that these two are the base scents in much of the incense used in religious temples and churches throughout the world! They calm the mind and are used to spur contemplation through meditation. 

Herbs for ajna

Gotu kola is very nourishing for the brain. It has been studied extensively for its promise in aiding or boosting the memory. This is due to its ability to boost oxygen supplies to the brain. A common name for it, Brahmi, indicates its godlike nature.  

Ginkgo also has been studied for similar features. The law of signatures is often sited due to the gingko leaves looking like the lobes of a brain. 




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The third eye is associated with meditation. Since it is the chakra associated with self reflection, it is only fitting to suggest taking a moment each and every day to reflect on the inner self as well as the outer self. There are many YouTube videos supplying tonal wavelengths thought to enhance the experience.  

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