Plantago major, photo credit: Me!

There are many different plantain plants. They are all, sort of, cousins to each other. The one I’m particularly referring to in this post is Plantago major. Also known as common Plantain weed, this is regularly seen growing on disturbed ground. Judt an FYI, “disturbed ground” refers those areas that have been dug up, beat down tight, or otherwise messed with by humans.

This plant is not native to North America. It traveled here with European immigrants back in the days of the pilgrims. One common name for it is “White Man’s Foot” – a reference to it growing wherever European immigrants traveled.

The quick video version

Plantain is completely edible. It’s tap root; it’s rosette of low-profile leaves; the flower stalk and subsequent seeds – all 100% edible. It is rather high in nutrients, too. It sports a nice content of vitamins A, C, and K as well as a bevy of minerals like calcium and iron.

This plant rocks in the healing department, too.

Healing Properties Include



•Wound healing







•Hemostatic activity


NOTE: when gathering, or foraging, always be sure to use plants which have not been sprayed with chemicals (think pesticides & herbicides) and not areas of high environmental contamination (like busy roadways).

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