Classes & Workshops

Lori Naseelah is currently teaching at the Family Y in New Bremen, Ohio (contact directly at 419-629-9622), Art’s Place in Portland, Indiana (260-726-4809), as well as from the Troupe Zephyr home location. 

Mandy Naseelah from the Troupe Zephyr home location. 

BOTH are vailable for private classes and lessons. PLease use the CONTACT US box to find out details.


Lori and Mandy have a variety of workshops which they formulated to take on the road. Have the Naseelahs come to you and your group to teach a one to two hour workshop. You can even make a day of it and the pair can team up to teach more than one. Peruse the list. If what you want is not there, contact us. We’ll do what we can to put together what you are looking for. 


The movement of the arms can add beauty and enhance the dance. Spend some time with Lori and Mandy as they go over graceful arm movements and drills to create a total dance package.


Work it Sister! We’re going to have you squatting, popping, locking, bumping and more to create gorgeous booty moves to enhance your hip movements and  strengthen your body.


Own that stage! You are the BOSS! Let Mandy and Lori help you increase your stage presence with exercises, guided imagery and movement drills to command the attention you deserve.


Your feet are the foundation of your life. They hold you up. They are the vehicle yb which you move. They need to be pampered, toned, and cared for. This workshop is a mixture of exercises, stretches, reflexology and self care mixed with common sense first aid and awareness of your feet. And don’t forget a few gorgeous step combos to spice up your routine. 


Lori and Mandy love to share the very beginner steps to basic moves and drills. Let them come to you to share and enrich your life with flexibility, poise, posture and a teeny bit of sauciness we all need. 


The addition of veil work to bellydance can push a beutiful dance over the edge into awe inspiring. This beginner to intermediate veil workshop will have you captivating audiences and showing that veil who is boss. 


Fan veils have become a mainstay of belly dance props. Lori and Mandy can teach you the basics of fan veil, run though drills, and help with music selctions to polish that routine. 


Veil poi can be a graceful addition to your prop repetoire. Let Lori and Mandy lead you through the veil to voi transition. For a small additional charge, the duo can supply each workshop attendee with a “ball” that can be easily attached to a 3 foot, rectangular veil of choice.