Damiana – an herb to improve mood

You know what? Sometimes I just want people to be happy. I want them to be giddy. I want them to shut up, drop the everyday drama B.S. and just BE HAPPY! That’s right, DON’T WORRY, BE HAPPY! I understand. There’s some awful shit going on in the world. But, you are breathing. You are alive another day to try to improve things for yourself and those around you!

How does a person ditch the “hell in a hand-basket” mood?

I mean, really. How does a person even attempt to get him or herself dislodged from that emotional shitty wasteland? There’s a mix of opinions out there. Of course, I have one, too.

There are a ton of supplements touted as being mood brighteners. Certain amino acids can be of assistance. Many supplements available in the USA are considered neurotransmitters in countries like Canada. Therefore, some of those supplements are not legally allowed to be sold. Personally, I am not convinced the best way to deal with mood issues are by directly tinkering with a person’s neurotransmitters. I prefer to use as many plant substances as possible.

Enter Damiana

Damiana (Turnera diffusa) is an herb I have suggested people use as a mood “brightener.” I feel it is an often overlooked gem of herbal tools. This plant is a native of Mexico, southern Texas, California, New Mexico and other south western areas. It is a shrub like bush with yellow flowers. The Mayan people used this plant for various reasons. It seems to have an overall tonic effect on the body (enhances digestion, etc). Because it is close, geographically, to where I live (the Great Lake region of the USA), it is AFFORDABLE!

Damiana is in the same botanical family as Passion flower. Incidentally, like Passion flower, it has long been prized as an anxiolytic.  Anxiolytic is a fancy word meaning it helps to lessen anxiety symptoms.

“..it (Damiana) has long been prized as an anxiolytic.  Anxiolytic is a fancy word meaning it helps to lessen anxiety symptoms.”

There has been research in to Damiana being an efficient aphrodisiac. Scientists have shown it increases the potency of “tired” rats, among other sexual side effects. Some of the studies I have read indicate this is due to Damiana increasing the nitric oxide in the blood stream.

Damiana acts as an aromatase inhibitor. This means it inhibits androgen from being made into estradiol (an estrogen sometimes linked to some types of cancers).

Damiana liqueur has a long history of use in Mexico and some claim it was used in the original recipe for Margaritas.


How do I use Damiana?

Damiana is very popular as a tea. It has a mild flavor. I do not add sweeteners to my teas, so it is nice this herb is not super bitter in flavor.

Encapsulated herbs is a simple and effective way to incorporate Damiana into one’s daily regimen. Be sure to find your Damiana from a company reputable for strict quality control and an excellent safety record.

*Note: excessive quantities of Damiana may cause loose stools (diarrhea). 

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*The studies mentioned  and cited do not directly mention Nature’s Sunshine Products. Any Nature’s Sunshine Products purchased via the Herbchick’s Shop provide commissions for Lori the Herbchick….and she thanks you 😉



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