Henna: a natural hair dye

Prematurely grey

I have had grey hair growing in since I’ve been 17 years old. Many people get grey hair early, I am told. Unfortunately, my hair is dark. Therefore, the grey shows….badly!

Thus, I started coloring my hair at an early age. After some time, I started to notice my hair was thinning and falling out. I had my thyroid hormones and some other levels checked and there were no plausible physical reasons for the thinning and loss. That’s when I read an article about synthetic chemicals, like those in hair dyes, contributing to hair loss. This deeply upset me. I was prematurely grey and not happy about it, but I did not want to be bald. Even if I did joke about shaving my head and gluing on wigs, I wasn’t about to do it if I did not have to.

Enter Henna

Henna is a plant that grows in Southern Asia. It has been for ages to color hair in those geographic areas. It has been used in the U.S., too, just not as widely. It is said that henna can make one’s hair thicker. So, I figured, “what have I got to lose?”

After about two years of avid henna use and experimentation, I feel confident I have the preps that work for me figured out. Granted, I am NOT a stylist. I only do my own hair. I have a lot of hair, but its texture is fine and mostly straight with just a little bit of body wave. Always tell your stylist if you are using henna on your hair. Do not mix synthetic hair lightener  with henna and do not use synthetic bleaches, etc on your hair after using henna on it. Without further ado, check out this vid I made about the process. And let me know what you think!


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