IN.form’s protein options

This is just a short video showing how easy it is to mix the NSP protein powders used with IN.form. I hope you understand that I cannot post all of the finer points of IN.form. I did pay to become a certified coach, and giving it all away for free, kind of makes for bad business, right? However, I will share what I can. The protein shake of your choice is a main foundation of the program. They are great proteins! The trick is finding the one best for you…that’s where working with a certified IN.form coach comes in handy (hint-hint).

You can order these proteins from www.herbchick.mynsp.com. Be sure to use sponsor #3187792 as your sponsor number in order to get great member discounts. I do offer IN.form coaching in person during a weekly group meeting and/or in one-on-one appointments; and distance coaching, as well. Contact me through my website www.herbchickonline.com

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (http://www.youtube.com/editor)

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