How to Schedule an Event

To schedule an event, on the DASHBOARD, choose ADD EVENT ICON.

  1. Give the event a title.
  2. Optionally, you may compose a tweet here, and the website will automatically tweet the event.
  3. If this is a non-ticketed event, describe the event in the text box.
    3a. Add an image by using the ADD MEDIA button. if you want.
  4. Choose a category.
  5. Choose a date. Dates on the back end are formatted as year, month, day.
  6. Choose whether the event repeats.
  7. Ignore the EVENT DETAILS box.
  8. Ignore the EVENT REGISTRATION settings.
  9. Complete the EVENT LOCATION questionnaire.

NOTE: There is no Google Map API on this site. Embedded Google Maps have become a subscription service for websites.

How to Schedule an Event with Ticket

To create an event with a ticket, you must first create the ticket in WooCommerce.

Step one.

  1. In the left navigation panel, hover your mouse over PRODUCTS, and choose ADD NEW.
  2. Enter the event name in the PRODUCT NAME field.
  3. If you have an image, include in the first text box with the ADD MEDIA button.
  4. Write your event description.
  5. In Product Data, choose VIRTUAL OR if you want to provide a physical ticket customers can print out, choose DOWNLOADABLE. You will have to design the printable ticket and provide the file, of course.
  6. Set the ticket price.
  7. To limit the number of tickets available, click on INVENTORY. Check mark MANAGE STOCK. Enter the number of available tickets in the STOCK QUANTITY field.
  8. On the right side of the screen, scroll down until you see the PRODUCT IMAGE option. Set the image to the BAD ASS tickets. The file name for this image is TICKET.PNG. The more images you add to the gallery, the farther you will have to scroll to find the image. But you don’t have to scroll if you know the file name.
  9. PUBLISH the product.

Step Two

You will need a code to finish creating the ticket and to make the ticket show up on your Events Calendar.
The code uses the same formula no matter how many tickets you create in WooCommerce, but the identifier is different.

To get the code:

  1. In the left navigation panel, hover your mouse over PRODUCTS and choose ALL PRODUCTS.
  2. Locate the Ticket Product you just created. Hover your mouse over the product/ticket and a bunch of information will appear underneath the ticket/product
  3. Write down the id number. This *should* be a 4 digit number.

Step Three

You must add the WooCommerce Ticket/Product as an event for the event to appear in your public calendar.

  1. Give the even the same name as your Ticket/Product name.
  2. Compose an automatic tweet if you like.
  3. In the Product Description text box, type the following code:

    product_page id=”####” columns=”1″

    Make sure you place brackets [ ] around the code. Without the brackets, the ticket won’t show up anywhere.
    I can’t type the brackets here, because if I did, the code would work! 🙂

    Replace the #### with the number you wrote down in Step Three.

  4. Follow the rest of the steps for creating an event.


So there are some hiccups.

If, for example, you want to create both a LIVE and a ZOOM session for the same event with different price points, you have to create two product tickets in WooCommerce.

If you create two product tickets in WooCommerce, add the code twice with the respective product IDs.
As long as you are using the EVENT category in WooCommerce, the tickets will never show up on your front page (or at least they shouldn’t).