Our Founders

Mandy and Lori both started in their belly dance journeys in 2000 by studying with Hayada Gamal and Tiani Al’Shaheen, both local dancers. The sisters in dance chose to be business partners in 2009 by founding Troupe Zephyr. Since this time, Troupe Zephyr has grown one hundred fold. The duo is always striving to expand their repertoire by studying with other dancers through workshops and classes. They host two large scale events in west central Ohio every year. Schoolhouse Raqs and Gypsy Mystique are rapidly expanding in popularity, drawing instructors and participants from multiple states, and producing a quality show to the best of their abilities each and every time.

Dancers from which Lori and Mandy Naseelah have studied:

Caroleena Noreecio – ATS (American Tribal Style)

Laylia of the Ohio Renaissance Festival– Live drum improve, prop balancing, zills, double veil,

fluidity in dance, crowd interaction

Chandadra Gamal – Egyptian fundamentals, power hips, Khaleegy, zills

Taleetha Al Badyr – Advanced Zills

Kira Lafve – Musicality in belly dance

Deniz Dansah – fan veil, veil

Kay Louise Mezmeric – Tribal fusion

Piper – Advanced belly dance and fluid arms

Lisa Zahiya – Hip hop belly dance fusion

Zattana Al-Naseem – Gypsy skirt dancing, Spanish fans, prop balancing

Zoey Jakes Belly Dance Superstar – Balkan style dance

Nataj of Habeeba’s– Beledi Progression

Christina Nai’imah Mitchell – Bollywood 

Emily Marie – Drum solo

Amani Jabril– Reda technique

Aida of San Fransisco – Veil

Yazmina Ramzy – Egyptian, varied

Amy Sigil of Unmata – Stamina in advanced dance

Mezzeli – Drum solo, ballroom fusion, veil poi

Ageala – Traditional Egyptian and filling the dance floor with traveling combos

Avasa – Liquid arms

Natasha – Burlesque, hula hoop, and poi

Abernathy Hall – Tribal fusion

Dharma – Advanced veil

Athena Howe – Dance improve on stage

Soroya Dancer of Troupe Taleeba – Belly Dance Basics

Najhara – Bollywood Basics

Lila – Shaabi

Elianae Stone – Ballet for Belly Dancers

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