Bad Ass Bath Bombs

These are my very own, handmade Bad Ass Bath Bombs. What makes them so Bad Ass? Well, they are made of the most natural stuff I can find. True, citric acid is in citrus fruits in much smaller quantities, but it’s there. I don’t screw around with fancy colors or corn fillers. Mainly because I don’t like cleaning that crap out of my tub and I don’t expect you to want to clean it out of your tub either. these puppies are mixed in small batches as they are ordered to ensure they are as fresh as possible. I use real essential oils (not those perfume or scent oils). Calcium carbonate, magnesium sulfate (Epsom salts), arrowroot and sunflower oil round out the ingredient list to deliver a freaking awesome fizz and a skin conditioning soak. Each bomb is the size of racket ball.


Available in the following scent blends:

Sweet Dreams: lavender and orange with a touch of vanilla sweetness to relax and soothe; bath bomb contains lavender buds

Orange Cream: smell just like those orange push-ups from when you were a kid

Nomad: a light spice floating over the top of a sandalwood and patchouli base (contains cinnamon and clove essential oils)

Nomad with Rose: A floral addition of rose essential oil to the earthy Nomad base; bath bomb contains rose petals

Diva: A freaking amazing mix of floral scents – ylang-ylang and jasmine – in a sandalwood base

Earthen Bloom: Sandalwood and myrrh as a base for lavender; truly an amaze-balls earthy scent; bath bomb contains calendula petals

Potion#9: Rich scent of dark chocolate and spicy cinnamon grounded in a touch of exotic sandalwood *special order only*

Go Smudge Yourself: Clary sage, blood orange and frankincense lend their blessing

Vanilla Cherry: The scent of fruity cherry and rich vanilla essential oils

Chai: Like the familiar latte? You’ll love this fragrance *contains tea leaves

Tootie Frootie: It’s the fruitiest scent I do

Juicy Fruits: Smells eerily like the chewing gum

Lilac & Juniper: A springtime fav combining these two essential oils


*as with ALL Herbchick’s own items, no-scent is available as well as some custom orders.