Spritz Yourself!

Spritz Yourself with one of the Herbchick’s custom blends! Each 2 ounce spritzer contains water, isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel and a customer essential oil blend to gently must you in scents.

Each 2 oz Spritz Yourself contains water, isopropyl alcohol, witch hazel and one of the Herbchick’s scent blends.

Available in the following scent blends:

Sweet Dreams: lavender and orange with a touch of vanilla sweetness to relax and soothe

Orange Cream: smell just like those orange push-ups from when you were a kid

Nomad: a light spice floating over the top of a sandalwood and patchouli base (contains cinnamon and clove essential oils)

Nomad with Rose: A floral addition of rose essential oil to the earthy Nomad base

Diva: A freaking amazing mix of floral scents – ylang-ylang and jasmine – in a sandalwood base

Earthen Bloom: Sandalwood and myrrh as a base for lavender; truly an amaze-balls earthy scent

Potion#9: Rich scent of dark chocolate and spicy cinnamon grounded in a touch of exotic sandalwood

Go Smudge Yourself: Clary sage, blood orange and frankincense lend their blessing

Vanilla Cherry: The scent of fruity cherry and rich vanilla essential oils

Chai: Like the familiar latte? You’ll love this fragrance

Tootie Frootie: Its the fruitiest scent I do

Juicy Fruits: Smells eerily like the chewing gum

Ginger Detox: Ginger, junior and black pepper combined for a clean refreshing scent

Lilac & Juniper: A springtime fav combining these two essential oils

*as with ALL Herbchick’s own items, no-scent is available as well as some custom orders.





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