What I do to start my day

At this moment of typing, I am on break during a 12 hour shift at my night shift job. Yes, I work on top of having my own business. Not only do I work a w2 earning job and run my business, but I’m an avid participant in the “gig economy.”

Why, you ask? Because life is expensive.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to realize I am a real person who faces the same challenges as everyone else. So, no, i don’t run my ass off by choice. I’m just pursuing that dream like everyone else. Someday, I won’t have to run to multiple jobs. In the meantime, this is my life.

I have a routine I try to follow. I will say when I am able to stick to it, my days go pretty smooth.

Take time to stretch

I start every day with at least 15 minutes of yoga stretches

Every day, before starting my tasks, I take a minimum of 15 minutes to stretch and breathe. It is too easy to be overwhelmed from the start of each and every day. If you saw my calendar book, you’d never know how I remain calm. Morning yoga to start it all helps to quiet my mind and creates a more empowered frame of mind.

Then I have a drink i mix up. I use Rejuvenaid and add a scoop of Collagen powder. This duo supplies a little zip for my day to get off to a good start.

These two mix together nicely

The two powders mix with a pleasing flavor to provide a base nutrition with functional building blocks needed to get me going.

If you’d like to try this pair, click on the links below.

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