Wholistic chronicles – your emotional kidneys

Anger can affect your kidneys.
Anger can affect your kidneys.

“I’m so pissed off!”‘

“I about pissed my pants.”

“She’s full of piss and vinegar.”

“I just feel pissed on.”

Pissed off; pissed on; pissin’ in the wind…WHY are there so many references to urinting in our verbalization of our feelings? One could say it is a coincidence. However, research comes out every day showing the links between the emotions we feel and the physical symptoms that seemed to be ever linked to those emotions.

Louise Hay, founder of Hay House publishing, was a visionary in spreading the word of these links to any person wanting to listen. Her work, along with that of others,serves as a beacon to those wanting to fully address every aspect of his or her health.

According to Louise, feelings of criticism, disappointment, failure, shame and ‘acting like a child’ can create the vibrational energies which may allow various kidney problems to surface. She equates kidney stones with the conditions present when one holds on to small lumps of anger.

While these border on the metaphysical, I find great correlation. If I have a hot, swollen kidney issue could it not be also a situation of hot anger? And then I would use cooling and soothing herbs. Marshmallow to soothe the irritation; Cornsilk to dilate the ureters and allow the heat to exit quickly; and lots of water to dilute the urine and flush it all out.

If I’m feeling guilty or disappointed, I’d be weepy, sorrowful. I’d be inviting in stagnation energetically By allowing myself to dwell upon these emotions. This vibration could allow for a “holding on” of fluids, could it not? I would use water toflushing the feings through; cranberry so the bacteria or fungi could not adhere and linger; and lemon to gently behave as a diuretic.

There are other herbal options, of course. Uva ursi (a.k.a. bearberry) and juniper berry are astringent and can “pull out” stagnation. They also smell wonderful and are used as mood brighteners in aromatherapy.

The kidneys are used and abused. Their functions often disregarded as merely urine producers. They are so much more: mineral regulators, red blood cell regulators, and, yes, indicators of our emotions at times, too.

Do not take your kidneys for granted.About a month ago, I awoke with back pain and lower abdominal pain. Upon going to the bathroom, I discovered blood in my urine. At the time, I did not pause to reflect on my emotional state and how it may have brought this about. My thoughts were more like, “holy shit!I’m pissing blood!” I went to the nearest urgent care for proper medical attention. After the antibiotics and other meds were given and body was on the mend, it was time to reflect on how I may have created a situation where this could occur. In addition to not taking in an adequate amount of water, I had been frustrated with my life. I felt as if my joy had run out (the feeling Louise associates with passing blood) and I was very pissed off about feeling pissed on (feelings, she says, are linked to the bladder. So, now that I’m healthy, I’m paying closer attention to my health. I’m drinking my water. I’m using my herbs to strengthen my kidney functions. I’m using my flower essences and meditation to release my anger and anxieties. I’m taking steps to get my life in order the way I want it. I’m covering all my bases.

ATTENTION: if you are requiring medical attention for your kidneys, do so ASAP. Herbs and wholistic measures can be implemented during treatment and/or once you are out of any possible danger zone.

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