We all see the bright yellow blooms every spring. The fuzzy globes of golden sunshine lawn care companies would have you believe are the bane of every American household. Yes – I am referring to dandelions. Dandelions are the first flower picked by small children for their mothers and an early food source for bees. However there is a lot more to know about this plant than just that.

Dandelions (Taraxacum officinale) have a rich history of being a food source for not just animals, but humans, too. According to legend, Theseus ate a dandelion salad after killing the Minotaur. It was consumed by the Romans, Gauls, Greeks, and the Celts. It was not uncommon for seeds of this plant to be included in the garden staples brought along by early settlers. It is no surprise why it was so popular. Today we know it is very nutritious. Dandelion greens (leaves) are an excellent source of vitamins K, C, A and smaller amounts of vitamin E, assorted B vitamins, and folate. They contain an impressive amount of iron, calcium, magnesium, and potassium. These contents may help to build healthy bones and muscles. Dandelion greens can be eaten both raw or cooked. Take care where you gather your dandelions. It is not suggested to gather those that have been sprayed with chemical herbicides nor those found along heavily polluted roads (think car exhaust – yuck).

Many names have been hung on dandelion over the years. Piss-a-lint, Piss-the-bed and other names hint at its historical use as a diuretic. Many sources, both traditional and modern medical refer to dandelion as being able to rid the body of excess fluids. Susan Weed writes about dandelion with great love in her herbals. As with any diuretic, consult with a medical professional before mixing with prescription medications.

Small, but promising, studies show dandelion may have protective effect on the liver when exposed to toxic substances. Although these are small studies in animals, they offer great promise for future research. Also needing more research is the small evidence that dandelion may help reduce the amount of fat stored in the liver. The presence of chologenic acid is thought to increase metabolism in mice. Mouse metabolism is different than that of humans so more research is needed to investigate the possibility of this effect in humans. However, there is no doubt in the high antioxidant content of dandelion. The high levels of vitamins A and C along with betacarotene and polypehnols present in dandelion provide protection from oxidative stress and tissue damage in a cellular level from free radicals.

Dandelion root contains fiber, called inulin, considered to be a prebiotic. It supplies a proper environment for healthy, beneficial bacteria to grow. Consuming dandelion may stimulate colon contractions, thereby reducing constipation.

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At this moment of typing, I am on break during a 12 hour shift at my night shift job. Yes, I work on top of having my own business. Not only do I work a w2 earning job and run my business, but I’m an avid participant in the “gig economy.”

Why, you ask? Because life is expensive.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to realize I am a real person who faces the same challenges as everyone else. So, no, i don’t run my ass off by choice. I’m just pursuing that dream like everyone else. Someday, I won’t have to run to multiple jobs. In the meantime, this is my life.

I have a routine I try to follow. I will say when I am able to stick to it, my days go pretty smooth.

Take time to stretch

I start every day with at least 15 minutes of yoga stretches

Every day, before starting my tasks, I take a minimum of 15 minutes to stretch and breathe. It is too easy to be overwhelmed from the start of each and every day. If you saw my calendar book, you’d never know how I remain calm. Morning yoga to start it all helps to quiet my mind and creates a more empowered frame of mind.

Then I have a drink i mix up. I use Rejuvenaid and add a scoop of Collagen powder. This duo supplies a little zip for my day to get off to a good start.

These two mix together nicely

The two powders mix with a pleasing flavor to provide a base nutrition with functional building blocks needed to get me going.

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2020 has sucked.

And not in a good way.

2020 has been the year of changes…and hardships. Troupe Zephyr has rocked with smaller, in-person events at Vino Bellisimo in Lima, Ohio; and we have reeled with the assorted shutdowns and the changes in our regular “real job” employment situations.

BUT YA KNOW WHAT? We have not faded away into oblivion. No! We have not gone silently into that dark night! HELL NO! That’s just not our style! Instead, we sat back a hot sec. We observed. We found we have what it takes to go the long haul. Enjoy our first venture into online “shows” with the following compilation. No…Troupe Zephyr is NOT GOING ANY DAMN WHERE! We are here…large and in charge…in the corn belt of the i75 corridor…and we are bringing the performing arts to YOU!


The crown chakra

We have covered most of the major energy centers considered by many ancient healing systems to be the “backbone” of the energetic body. It is only fitting that we now talk about Sahasrara

The crown chakra
The seventh chakra is at the crown

The crown Chakra, or energy center is thought to be located directly at the top of the head. Some texts place it in the air slightly above the top of the head. The symbol is the “Om” which is extremely familiar to those who have studied yoga or have delved into any philosophical studies from the east.

This energy center is the one associated with uniting us with the universe, more or less being the bridge between the physical world and the greater spiritual realm. The color associated with this energy center is violet. It is said those who are able to access this energy center are able to transcend his/her ego to tap into the greater consciousness. This is no easy task.

I hesitated for some time to compose this installment on the chakras. Those of you who are regular readers may have noticed. I felt I was not qualified to discuss an idea of such a high order.

However, I have been “working on it” as of late. I have been working on my 200 hour yoga teacher training. Through this endeavor, I have been paying more attention to meditation. I have been paying more attention to quieting my outward focus and bringing it a bit more inward. It has been through this effort, that I have felt more secure in writing about this chakra.

I feel it is important to nourish this center to aid in banishing feelings of exclusion and loneliness. Many emotional issues can arise from this feeling of isolation. Whether it is pure meditation or meditation with prayer recitation, the crown chakra is activated to foster a feeling of connectivity. This connectivity helps us with our feelings of belonging and knowing. This knowing is when we realize that although we are each a separate person, we are a part of the whole of creation. In order for the crown chakra to be open, we must be evolved enough to realize this and be at peace with the concept. This then manifests as joy, serenity, and deep peace about life.

With the election in my country being just a couple short days away, I feel it must be emphasized that we are all one – whether we like it or not; whether we all realize it or not. There are some who are at the level to realize this and accept it, and many who argue to the contrary. This difference in evolutionary levels causes dissonance on a grand scheme and is painful for all. On a personal level each individual who evolves begins to live with trust, gratitude and faith. These are quite the accomplishments.

This energy center is represented by the thousand petal lotus. In this energy center our selves are unleashed to merge with the greater consciousness as well as being firmly grounded in our individual selves, simultaneously.

The pineal is the associated gland. The pineal gland has been greatly misunderstood throughout history. It is just relatively recently that medical science has understood a few of its functions, including the perception of light & dark and then secrete hormones’ like melatonin. The pineal gland tends to harden into adulthood. It was once thought to be useless.

Some research indicates high levels of fluoride and heavy metals lead to the hardening of the pineal. Herbs like Chaga, milk thistle, Gotu kola, algae, ginkgo, moringa, schizandra, aloe, turmeric, reishi, noni, and others are said to help “decalcify” the pineal. Iodine rich herbs like black walnut, Irish moss may help, as well. Cilantro has been shown to help purge heavy metals from the body. Myrrh is the essential oil most often associated with this energy center.


Some affirmations to assist:

-I honor the Divine within me

-I am part of the Divine

-I trust my intuition

-I am one in the Spirit

-I move with Grace