Why do I talk about this stuff so much?

My second son recently moved out on his own. I have mixed feelings on that. I miss having my older boys home, but there comes a time when they have to be on their own. It was time for him to move out. Now number two is a very independent and introverted kind of guy. It surprised me when he started following me on social media.

Then one day he stopped over at my house. He wasted no time in asking, “why do you post so much crap about herb stuff?” I’m sure some other people in my life wonder, too. I post about it because it works for me. When I was in high school I was sick A LOT. I was a frequent flyer at the local emergency room. My family doctor didn’t even require I make appointments anymore – I could walk in as needed. It got to the point where he told me and my mother I needed to go to a health food store because I needed to build myself up. I found out, through trial and error, herbs and natural approaches work for me. Just one, more visible, example is the management of the cold sores which sometimes appear on my face. Those started when I was approximately 16.
I fell off the wagon last week. Three days after taking no supplements, I broke out in a cold sores. This picture is a week after the initial blister. 
I would get them so severely the sores would stretch almost to my chin. They left scars. Let me tell you, that was not what a 16 year old me needed for my self-esteem.  I found that by supporting myself with herbal supplements I could keep them at bay. Even now, if I slack and stop taking my supplements for more than three days, I break out with these HSV-1 caused sores. Cold sores are just one of the things I deal with. I use it as an example because they are very visual.  There are other discomforts I experience and herbal & complementary therapies eleviate them. I post about these things because it’s my business.  I post about these things because I can’t possibly be the only person who experiences these things. I post because maybe it will help someone else.

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